About Kinder Goats

As one of the only true dual purpose goats bred to excel in both milk and meat production, the Kinder goat is ideal for the hobbiest, homesteader and goat enthusiast. The Kinder goats' medium size (averaging 100-125 pounds) makes them easy to handle, a safe choice for families and lone handlers, and their friendly personalities make them a joy to be around. Kinders make a large a mount of milk for their size, and their milk tends to be sweeter and higher in butter fat than most other breeds. This makes it ideal for cheese-making and soaping as well as drinking. Reaching 70% of their full weight before they reach a year, with a dress out percentage of around 60%, they are also a wonderful option for those interested in raising goats for meat. They are very efficient in their feed conversion rate, and their milk and meat have both been rated as best tasting in competitions. Hardy and thrifty, these goats truly are the perfect breed!